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Friday, July 15, 2011

July 14

Ok, this was much harder than I was imagining!  We're going to try again on the 15th because one of our local newspapers listed the full moon on the 14th and the other listed the 15th.  Plus we need the practice!  The main problem was the trees in the background.  We had to put Eric on a hill, but the only option was to make him a giant.  So I need to scout out a field with a clear shot facing east, then I can get a good distance between us and zoom in the make him closer in size to the moon.  Also I don't like how dark this came out.  But if I made lighting adjustments we lost the silhouette effect.  So with any luck, I'll post a second try at this for the 15th!

The thing I like about this shot is that he looks like Kokopelli.  A whole mythology could be built around this giant who controls the moon...

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