Painting is just another way of keeping a diary ~Pablo Picasso

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bike Loop

Day 5 of the black and white project.  Today was the first day I felt like I was starting to see in black and white a little.  (Stress on a little!)  At this point, the project is both fun and frustrating.  And it is reminding me of my early days at this blog because I have to take a lot of shots to figure out what works and what doesn't;  it's time-consuming!  I feel like I spent a lot of time on this shot, and I guess I'm OK with it.  I photographed at this location early this morning in very different lighting.  The background was lit and the foreground tree and fence were silhouetted.  But the photo was boring to me, and I found myself wishing that someone were moving through the scene.  This one was taken just before dinner time, and I do like the movement, but maybe the tree light isn't quite as strong.  Anyway, what I keep thinking about is why was the shot without the people boring to me?  I took a photo in almost this exact location (minus the fence) on March 30th and didn't mind the lack of people at all.  Maybe just still my bias against black and white, or my reliance on color to carry a photo. 

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