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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yolo County Fair

Well today the Yolo County Fair finally started!  I just LOVE the county fair!   I've been to a lot of different county fairs because we've moved so many times, and I really think the Yolo County Fair is the best one I've seen.  For one thing, it's the largest and oldest free gate fair in California.  Free!  They have tremendous support from the community to do this.  Every one of those ribbons comes with a monetary prize.  Each exhibit room is overflowing with entries, from produce, to olive oil and wine, to baked goods and canning, to sewing and craft, to art and photography, and of course all the animals!  Just around the corner from this preserved food display some baked good judging was going on.  And somewhere on that wall is my jar of applesauce.  :)

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