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Friday, August 24, 2012

Lagoon Valley

Day 8 in black and white.  Clover and I headed out early for a walk at Lagoon Valley.  I was hoping to get there before the sun came over the hills, but we weren't quite that early.  There are a lot of possible trails here, and it's definitely a favorite dog walking and exercising location in the Vacaville area.  We took the loop around the lake, mainly because I thought it would offer the best contrast for photos.  Since this was a new trail for Clover, she wanted to stop about every 10 ft. to sniff around.  We made very compatible walking partners today, because I wanted to stop about every 10 ft. to get a photo!  :)  This might be the first photo I've done in this project that I actually like better in black and white.  The hills are a washed out brown, and the trees are a muddy green.

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Michelle said...

Love this one!