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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coffee Time

Coffee time during our tomato saucing party last weekend was such a nice treat.  Everyone set up in a large open air tent, and we were lucky enough to be near the kitchen end of the tent, with the stove, sink, and coffee-making operation.  One of the Eatwell members owns Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco, and kindly donated coffee for our event.  It was make your own cup.  We poured the boiling water directly into the filter.  It was a delicious cup of coffee; I think everything tastes better after a long day's work outside.  I saved this photo for Wednesday for Ginger from Getting a Foothold.  My contribution to Wednesday Morning Coffee Time :^)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Melissa. May I share it next Wednesday? Love it. Very complicated but fun! I hope to make it at least as far as Sac and Roseville, then North. SF probably out of the picture this trip. I wish there was a fast, traffic-less route!

Melissa said...

Yes you can share it! When will you be here? I'll be going through Redding, but not until mid-September.

Anonymous said...

The Sac connect used your coffee time photo today! So cool!