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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Central Valley Sunrise

This week I accepted a challenge from a fellow photographer to photograph only in black and white for a while.  Actually the challenge was to do 100 calendar shots converted to black and white, but I don't take the "calendar shot" often enough on the blog for that to be worthwhile.  So I've decided to do 100 blog shots with my photo converted to black and white.  This does pose a HUGE challenge to me, because I know my photos usually rely on a certain few elements, and color is VERY high up on the list.  I use it a lot to create mood, which is probably what I like best in a photo.  And while I do hope to become a better black and white photographer, the idea behind this project is to improve my color photography by focusing on some other elements for a while.  And also to have the challenge :)
I have to admit I have a bias against black and white photography.   It's usually not that interesting to me.   In only three days of trying to shoot black and white, I realize that I am completely dependent on the light, and I think that is what makes the shots boring to me.  So for now at least, my challenge is to simultaneously find good light and something that I would be interested in photographing.  I expect that I will be VERY critical of what I'm doing for a while, and I'm apologizing for that up front.  This is actually how my blog started practice and self-critique, and I've gotten away from that in the past year.

Anyway, later today I'm going to view a new exhibit at The Crocker in Sacramento.   Brought to Light: Masterworks of Photography from the Crocker Art Museum.  I'm hoping I will see some interesting subject matter, and I'm especially interested to view the black and whites and see what inspiration I can take away.  (And also I wanted to post before I went, because I bet I'll be more critical of my photos after the exhibit!)

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Debs said...

The most striking thing about the top photo is the sky. The colours just lift my eyes upwards. However when you convert the photo to black and white, the harvester has an interesting and mystical glow.