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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Under the Causeway

Day 10 in black and white.  Technically this is the Yolo Bypass of the Sacramento River, but in the summer months it's really just a little pond under the causeway.  I decided to try a photo here as I passed overhead on my way home from Sacramento.  In addition to the echo of all the traffic, I could here a lot of different birds under here, but this egret was the only one I saw.  I followed him from one column to another as he hunted.  I'm sure he probably helps the photo, but the thing I most notice is the dark arrow shape he's standing in.  I mentioned in a previous post that I have several options in converting an image to black and white.  This time I picked urban landscape, because it made that arrow shape the darkest.  The shape is mainly coming from the reflection of the rusty brown underside of the bridge.  I think urban landscape must give the most contrast to red tones.  And the lighting count so far:  back lighting 8, side lighting 2

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Debs said...

I love your black and white photos. Well done on your challenge so far. :)