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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Need an Intervention

Subtitle:  Capay Valley #5
Pretty soon this obsession I have with the blossoming almond orchards will be OBE (My husband's Army acronym: Overcome By Events).  The blossoms will be gone, and whatever it is I'm chasing after out here will be gone too.  I saw this quote about inspiration being not about new work but about an obsession with an idea that has already been said, but not enough.  That's sort of how I feel about these orchard photos.  There's more to be said; the problem is that I keep searching for how to say it. Anyway, this one is a variation on the February 28th photo.  I just wondered how it would look with the ground covered too.  I have a few more orchard photos to post, but I'm going to alternate them with some other subject matter, for variety. 

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brattcat said...

i understand this obsession. there is a smokebush/tree on our block. when it blossomed i could not stay away from it. it took me many attempts before i got a shot i was pleased with. i've taken several more pleasing images since that first success. now i can walk past it with only a twitch of the camera finger. i've loved watching you explore this blossoming.