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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Green

This is also from South Yuba River State Park.  Before you enter the canyon, you're at a much higher elevation, full of pine trees, but as you descend into the canyon it becomes filled with these valley oaks.  I was imagining a photo of these trees just as they were leafing out, but as you can see from this photo, I missed that event.  Probably by a few week too.  What inspired me to come here was an episode of Project Runway.  I'm a huge fan, and in Thursday's show they did the Lord and Taylor spring challenge.  I was so excited by Michelle's chartreuse version of spring, because I also associate that color with spring.  Her dress was chartreuse and gray, which is perfect for the Pacific Northwest (Michelle is from Portland).  They already wear that color so much there for visibility while exercising.  And spring is so gray and green there anyway.  We don't have much option for gray here.  Maybe if there was a fog.  (In my dreams this photo involves tender chartreuse leaf buds and a gray fog).  I really missed getting the chartreuse shot I wanted in Napa a few weeks ago, and now again here.  That means I have to wait for next is so hit or miss when it comes to weather and seasonal events.

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Lynette said...

I agree about the hit and miss of weather and seasonal events. Right now I know that I need to get over to Tom McCall Waterfront Park to photograph the cherry trees in bloom between the Steel Bridge and the Burnside Bridge. I don't know if my schedule and daylight will cooperate. And I'm wondering about heading over to Northwest Portland, looking for blooming trees. Too bad I'm not retired! No, that's not true. I enjoy my job and am glad to have it. Like you said, there's always next year.