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Monday, March 11, 2013

Other Side of the Valley

Today and yesterday's photos are a set, taken at almost the same time and from almost the same location, but in opposite directions.  I like them together for a couple of reasons.  Combined, they show the width of Capay Valley, at least at this location which is just past the town of Capay.  I also like them for their very different lighting.  Yesterday's shot got the backlighting which gives it a lot of depth.  Today's is lit from the front with the sun behind me, and looks so flat I can't get over it!  It's got sort of a Grandma Moses feel.  Anyway, I think it's charming, and those pink trees really make me happy.  What kind of fruit tree are they, does anyone know?

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Debs said...

No idea but they really are charming :)