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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Bike of an Optimist

We've had a very dry winter here in the Central Valley, and since we don't get any rain in the summer we need a good amount of rainfall in the winter (and corresponding snow in the Sierras) to fill all the reservoirs for the summer months.  Plus, I don't care where you live, some weather variety is just plain nice!  In the extended forecast, we were supposed to be getting rain today, but as it's gotten nearer the forecast has changed, and this morning's forecast was for slight chance of rain, mostly cloudy.  That seems to be how almost all the rain forecasts have gone this year.  So far it still looks like rain tomorrow, and maybe, just maybe, this guy will need to have his bike seat covered today.  Here's hoping!

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Sara Carrera said...

Gran desenfoque y buen detalle.
Abrazos. Sara.