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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yesterday we had an unusual weather system for around here, a cold front with a sunbreak.  This sets up the potential for thunderstorms.  We didn't get any though; we rarely do.  But we got the cloud formations that come along with a thunderstorm.  And of course I had to hurry out to the Capay Valley (between those hills in the distance) to see how it would look in this weather.  For some reason I usually take the highway there and back roads home, but yesterday I took the back roads there instead.  I'm always amazed at how the scene looks completely different coming from a different direction.  I've never noticed this barn before.  Of course having this weather system churning didn't hurt.  How could you not notice that barn with the big cumulus cloud overhead?  The cloud is like Charlotte to the barn's Wilbur, skywriting "SOME BARN" for all to see!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful clouds. Would love to be standing where you were to take this.