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Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12

I've been waiting a month to try this photo.  I tried it the evening we first got here, but messed it up because it was windy and I wasn't prepared.  So tonight we were at a meteor viewing site, and that really limited how I could frame the shot.  I kind of wish there were a few trees just a little further in the distance, then I could have zoomed in much closer without cutting out the tree frames.  I like how this is framed, but the moon is kind of small.  I love that you can almost see a nose on the moon (if you zoom in, that is).  Maybe it will be more prominent tomorrow, but the moon will set almost an hour later compared to the sun, so I wouldn't get that sunset lighting which is what I really wanted.  I think that planet in the shot is Venus.  A bunch of planets are supposed to align tonight, but Venus should be the brightest so it would show at sunset. 
f/5.6, 4.5 sec., 55mm, ISO100, vivid, WBsunny

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