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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31

This is my second time posting a vineyard photo, and I'm not really satisfied with either of them.  I like this one better, I guess because it's more colorful.  It really didn't turn out how I wanted it to though.  The vineyard is pretty small, probably about 10 acres or so.  I was surprised by the number of different varieties of grapes growing.  I started in a section with tiny dark purple grapes.  The owner said they were merlot and pinot.  They weren't good for this photo though because they were opaque.  He directed me to a section with muscat grapes.  I think that's what I've photographed here, based on description.  They glow more in the light which was what I was looking for.  I wonder if this would have turned out better if I could have gone closer to sunrise, but I've got school time constraints now so no sunrise photos except for the weekends. 
f/5.3, 1/60, 145mm, polarizer

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