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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3

Ummm....could it actually be? The elusive American Bittern? I used to hear this bird all the time at McLane Creek in Washington. It's got a call that's like an ominous fog horn sending out a warning to the whole pond. And I've seen a group of binocular-clad birders go ape over a sighting of this bird. But I've never actually seen once myself (except in photos, which of course is what I've produced here). I thought it was a green heron at first, so I was really surprised to find an American Bittern out in the open like this. And I don't think it was that shy or retiring or any of the other things you hear about the Bittern. It hung around for a while allowing me to photograph from different angles. And so my bird pokedex expands yet again :) ...

One additional's post marks my 200th photo entry!  A far cry from the 365 I would have finished in April, but still,
no small feat :)

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