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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21

This photo is the closest to a Jim Brandenburg Chased by the Light photo that I've taken in a long while.  That's because I only took six photos today, and all of this same basic scene.  We're on the road, driving as far as Portland today.  Several times I saw a vista point pull off, opted against it, and then noticing the view in passing, regretted my choice for the next half hour!  And for an hour we followed this river of clouds up into the mountains until finally I just decided that I'd pull over at a lonely exit and make a few photos.  My issue with location choice (it was a lonely exit; I'm not even sure what was there...a ranching road, maybe?) is that the foreground was really unattractive and I couldn't include it in the photo.  So it's just distant hills and mostly sky, and so I don't think the photo is properly grounded.  Also I've got some spots in my sky.  My lens was really dirty so I'm hoping that's what caused it.  Tomorrow will tell.    f/13 at 1/320, ISO200, 22mm.

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