Painting is just another way of keeping a diary ~Pablo Picasso

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Apple Hill

Our first trip to Apple Hill this season.  I think it's a little early to head up here, but we wanted to get the cider and donuts before Eric has to go back to school.  And it was nice to drive around all the orchards without too much traffic.  I'll head back up here in October to get my secret blend of apples for making applesauce.  I'll appreciate going back when it's cooler; apple orchard visits should not be 90 degree events!

As to the black and white, I'm obviously needing a little break from it.  I have learned that the camera sensor has three filters: green, red, and blue.  And the camera remembers data from each sensor, so once the photo is converted to black and white, the tone of things that would be red, green, or blue in color can be altered.  So for example, I could make the apple light gray and the leaves dark gray, or I could make the apple dark gray and the leaves light gray.  But WHY? 


Anonymous said...

I like this apple very much and the neat effect of the green around it. Where is Apple Hill? I fall weather is best. But cider and donuts...anytime, any weather!

Melissa said...

The Apple Hill region is past Placerville on the way up to South Lake Tahoe. It's off I-50 just after it crosses Hwy 49. Saturday was a cold cider event :)

Anonymous said...

Nice. I love that road and it will be fun to head back when it is cooler. Placerville is an interesting town.