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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Green Beach Glass Wave

When we were in Mendocino, which is an art town near the sea, I saw a shop full of prints by a local photographer.  If I had one word to describe his photos it would be luminous, and several prints featured this type of green glowing backlit wave.  My photo wasn't taken in Mencocino, but up near Crescent City; I was playing around with my camera at the beach about an hour before sunset when I noticed the same green glow.  So of course I had to try this photo too!  I think I got the green just right, but his photos had some other colors too, probably amber.  I'm thinking they were probably taken much closer to sunset.  Also I really don't like my settings here.  I wish I had used a much faster shutter speed to freeze the other wave action.  Still I love the color, which reminds me of luminous green beach glass. 


caregiver/Gin said...

Excellent Melissa. I think you did get it just right! I wish I had a faster shutter speed as well. Still learning that there are ikons to study and practice. Beautiful shot...perfectly caught the breaking wave, and the green glass is a bonus!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

You have tamed the waves with your camera to produce a delightful photo. The green is just divine! You must go back to achieve the perfection you desire, but in the meantime this one is FINE.


Lilia Rhodes said...

This photo is superb! Catching this kind of moment is breathtaking. I salute you Miss Melissa! Thanks for sharing!