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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Feeling Connected

One of the interesting things about these Redwood forests is how they seem to break down social barriers.  Usually passing hikers just nod or say hello, but here it seems like we had a conversation with everyone we met.  I think we were all in awe of how magnificent this place is, and everyone just naturally had this connection.  And even though we all look like ants next to these giant Redwoods, I don't think they make you feel small.  There's a sense of permanence and stability here that is really comforting.  I don't want to sound overly religious or cosmic or something, but walking in these woods is a very reassuring thing, and being here really did make me feel more grounded and connected. 


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Amazing! I do love the splash of red in this photo amidst the giants. The blur of movement really emphasizes the solidity of those trees. Very nice.


Steve Gravano said...

I could only imagine the sense of awe walking next to these amazing redwoods. It really is an amazing world we live on!