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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ocarina of Time

Day 16 in black and white.  We spent most of the weekend at Sacanime, Sacramento's Anime and Manga Convention, so it was a very busy week between sewing costumes and enjoying the convention.  Here, for Zelda fans, are two cosplayers dressed as Link and Skull Kid.  Link is playing the ocarina (from the video game, Ocarina of Time), and Skull Kid is wearing Majora's mask and playing the guitar.  They were playing authentic music from the video game; it was very entertaining.


justinavalon said...

This is an awesome shot! That's actually me as Skull Kid and my buddy as Link. Really happy you liked the music!

Melissa said...

Justin, I'm so happy you found this photo! You guys were great! If you'd like I'll send you the large file photo. Give me your email (I'll delete that post for privacy).

justinavalon said...

What were you cosplaying at SacAnime, btw?