Painting is just another way of keeping a diary ~Pablo Picasso

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fallen Tree Near Ebbetts Pass

Day 20 in black and white.  One of the highlights of our trip around the Lake Tahoe area yesterday was a drive to the summit of Highway 4 at Ebbett's Pass (8,730 ft.)  I had never taken this road before, and it was amazingly scenic.  This photo was taken in an Aspen grove near the summit, and while I think it works pretty well as a black and white, it most definitely does not capture the feel and the beauty of this route.  Or even of the Aspen grove.  I tried a lot of Aspen photos but they didn't turn out (I have this same problem with Aspens in color too!)  Anyway, this felled tree was an unusual site up here, and it offered for an interesting composition.


Anonymous said...

I like this tree and think you should keep up the black and whites. Meet your goal...who knows what 100 will be! What a great day on Monday. Felt like HOME! Hope to do it again. NY always has an open door for the L. family in total! Thank you, gin

This is Belgium said...

like the picture and the black and white is perfect !