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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Long Road Home

I can't believe how busy the month of January (and early February) has been for me.  I started the year in Arizona, spent a week in Oregon and Washington, and ended the month in yet another state.  Three others actually.  And since I began my Arizona series with a road, I thought I would start this series the same way just for fun.  Where did I go?  We call this Kemil Road, but that's hardly a hint, because the official name was changed several decades ago.  Did it snow while I was in this state?  Yes, everyday as a matter of fact!  I like the way this photo composed, because it looks like the bottom of an hour glass.  Like snow just keeps sifting through some opening up at the top and piling up at the bottom of the photo, so it's a good metaphor for the week.  As for the location, here's a hint and a bit of foreshadowing for blog posts this week:  If you drive down this road another mile, you'll be at a beach. 

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Lynette said...

Superb photo--perspective is amazing. I cannot imagine getting to see this. Thanks! A beach?