Painting is just another way of keeping a diary ~Pablo Picasso

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I stopped to take this photo because I was really fascinated by that dark blue line on the horizon.  The photo concept is supposed to be an abstract with bands of color, but beyond the abstract quality, I think this scene has a lot of great beach elements.  First, the ice shelf formation is pretty visible; the shelf itself, and the chunks of ice in the water that will soon be washed onto the shelf.  The other element I want to mention is the marram grass.  It's present on all the dunes.  Pale green in summer, and tannish in winter.  This is NOT soft grass.  I would not recommend running through it, or even walking through it for that matter.  (Think paper cut).  It is soft on the eye in a flowing-in-the-breeze sense.  And marram grass is the first step in a process called Dunes Succession. 

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